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The most prominent businesses in the global market have proudly worked under Marko Lipponen towards market sales, investing, consulting, business development, corporate expansion, regional planning, Elderly Care facilities, and Elderly Care IT-Solutions to dominate the marketforce.

Marko's Companies

(holds 50-100% of shares)






9/2018 Exit number four; KV-Auto Oy

8/2018 Partnership with Goya Ink Oy

7/2018 Partnership with AthletiQ Finland S.L.

19.7.2018 Investment to Mekitec Oy

6/2018 352m2 Villa and 85m2 condo unit from Kamala Beach, Phuket

1.2.2018 All four nursing homes in Finland sold to Attendo Oy


13.12.2017 investment to Prasos Oy

9.10.2017 investment property deal number 15 closed

In August 2017 Green Care Finland association has been awarded our nursing homes with a LaatuHoiva (NatureCare) -certificate.

Beware of copycats. :)

19.8. first investment apartment from Spain


16.8. investment to Söderlund International Oy - HUONE

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